Yasufumi Yamaguchi


Yasufumi Yamaguchi

M.A. in Education, the University of Tokyo. After working for Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo, Center for Teaching and Learning, Teikyo University, joined Recruit Works Institute in April 2023.

Research area

Sociology of Education, Social Survey Methods

Journal Articles

“College Aspiration Formation Periods and Their Mediation Between Students' Socioeconomic Background and Educational Achievement: Evidence from JLSCP 2015-2018 data” The Japanese Journal of Educational Research, 89(3), 409-421, 2022 (in Japanese)

“Examining the Formation Process of Disparities in Educational Achievement Based on Social Background and High School Rank / Type: Focusing on the Impression of an Academic Credential-based Society” The Journal of Child Study, 27, 119-139, 2021 (in Japanese)

“Attrition in Panel Surveys of High School Graduates and Bias Correction: Case Analysis of the Japanese Life Course Panel Survey” Advances in Social Research, 23, 66-70, 2019 (in Japanese)