Create a next generation society where “everyone can work actively”


Recruit Works Institute is a research division of Recruit Co., Ltd. which presents new concepts of “people” and “organizations”. Founded in January 1999, the Institute is committed to building the next generation society with focus on three main activities.


  • Institute-wide annual research projects.
  • Ongoing research on labor policies, labor market and corporate hiring practices, career education, and recruiting and staffing industries.


  • Recruitment Trend
  • HR Management
  • Attitudes of Working Individuals
  • Labor Index

Publications & Symposium

  • Publication of “Works”, a bimonthly journal for executives and HR professionals, “Works Review”, a collection of research papers
    and “Works Report”.
  • Works Symposium


Recruit Co., Ltd. publishes print and web-based media to promote and advertise for clients, while enabling consumers to find the best solution for their needs. HR services are also delivered through direct services such as search, placement, and staffing.