Hiromi Murata

Global Research Centre Manager / Senior Chief Researcher

Hiromi Murata

Joined Recruit Co. Ltd. (current Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.) in 1983. After gaining experiences in Administration Dept., HR Dept., Advertising Review Dept., HR related Depts. of New Business Development and others and as a HRD planner and a researcher in HRD Institute, launched and joined Works Institute (current Recruit Works Institute) in 1999.
From 2000 onwards, in charge of labor policies and external labor markets in Japan and overseas. Became a manager of Global Labor Market Research Center in 2013.
Served as a part-time lecturer in Faculty of Social Sciences, Hosei University in 2005.
A member of Labour Policy Press Club of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Research area
Area of specialties:
External labor markets in Japan and overseas, Atypical work, Future of Work
Awareness activities in the field of employment and non-employment making proposals such as constructing labor market for the next generation with private sector standpoint.


*Works Review is a collection of research papers on the institute-wide annual research theme. Distributed
for free to HR professionals, government officials, and research institutions.

  • “Fresh Graduate Engineers Recruitment in India–Study on Particularities about Colleges/Universities and Recruitment Methods–” Works Review Vol.8(2013)
  • “The State of External Labor Market in India” Works Review Vol.8(2013)
  • “Recruiting in the Near Future – Foresight of HR Professionals in Europe and the United States into the Evolution of Recruiting Process” Works Review Vol.7:p126-139(2012)
  • “Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Europe and the United States” Works Review Vol.7:p166-169(2012)
  • “Practical vocational training system in France Structure and facts of apprenticeships” Works Review Vol.6:p132-145(2011)
  • “Private-led vocational training in France : a private-led system in further vocational education” Works Review Vol.6:p170-173(2011)
  • “Private-led employment placement in France : The current state of fixed-term employment contract and responses of government, employers and employee” Works ReviewVol.6:p174-177(2011)
  • “Long term internship in other countries : approaches in the USA and the UK” Works Review Vol.6:p178-181(2011)
  • “Emergency Employment Measures in Europe and the United States:How did they Addressed the Worst Economic Crisis in a Century?” Works Review Vol.5:p180-193(2010)
  • “The State of External Labor Market in China:The Role of Recruiting Firm in Hiring” Works ReviewVol.4:p222-233(2009)
  • “Flexible Work in Europe:Promoting Appropriate and Adjustable Ways of Work ” Works Review Vol.3:p210-223(2008)
  • “Present Situation of the Concierges: Characteristics of the Occupation and Recruitment and Human Resource Development in the Foreign Countries ” Works ReviewVol.2:p212-225(2007)
  • “Human Resources Businesses in the United States: Trends in the Human Resources Businesses in 2006 ” Works Review Vol.2:p246-249(2007)
  • “’The Conditions of Independent Contractors and the Use of a -Matching Mechanism” The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies No.526(2004)

Conference presentation

  • “Telework 2.0”Japan Telework Society(2008)

Results of research

Main researches and studies:
-Labor supply-demand adjustment systems of public and private in the United States and major European countries
-HR business (temporary help, placement, online job boards, social media and HR development) in the United States and major European countries
-Recruitment in the near future
-Flexible work
-Recruitment and training for hotel concierge
-Global recruitment (Europe, the United States, China, Singapore and India)

<Major publication>

  • The Ten Things We can do to Help the Touth Develop a Career -Overcoming Crises in Career(2002)
  • Labour market searvice in California- Case study of one-stop career centers and vocational training programs(2002)
  • Job Placement Regimes in Europe-Trands and Inpacts of Changes(2002)
  • Issues and Forecasts of Labour Supply and Demand Adjustment System-Comparative study of labour market services in France,Germany,Netherlands,theU.K. and the U.S.(2002)
  • Survey of public job placement service in selected economies(1999-2000)
  • Implications for job creation-Japan’s business start-ups and support for entrepreneurship(1999-2000)
  • Proposal for 2010:An Employment Policy to Tap Rich HC(2001)

Affiliated academic society

  • The Japan Industrial Relations Research Association
  • Career Desigh Institute ,JAPAN
  • The Japan Association for Advance of ILO Activities
  • The Society for Human Resource Management(SHRM)

Teaching experience

  • Visiting Lecturer, Hosei University(2005.4-2006.3)

Contribute & Lecture