About Japanese Panel Study of Employment Dynamics(JPSED)


JPSED(Japanese Panel Study of Employment Dynamics) is a panel survey launched by Recruit Works Institute in 2016 with the aim of providing fixed-point observations about actual conditions and changes of the working style in Japan. The survey targets approximately 50,000 individuals of male and female, 15 years of age or older across Japan, and is conducted annually in January for follow-up. The questions cover a wide range of topics, including employment, actual living condition and well-being during the year prior to the survey. The survey includes not only questions about quantities of work, such as working hours and income, but also about qualities of work, such as the flexibility of working hours and location, and whether the workload is appropriate. These allow us to understand the changes of working styles from both sides of quality and quantity. The raw data is open to the public through the Social Science Japan Data Archive of the Institute of Social Science at the University of Tokyo in December of the survey year, and researchers can use it.