About Us

Our Mission

Creating a next-generation society where each individual can engage in active, meaningful work

Recruit Works Institute is dedicated to achieving our vision of a next-generation society: one where all those who want to work can do so comfortably and meaningfully.

Our Vision

We believe the next-generation society we aspire to is defined by these six interlinked and interdependent elements, which combine to form an environment where individuals can engage in active, meaningful work.

  • A society where people of diverse backgrounds can succeed just as they are
  • A society where people can obtain decent and sustainable work
  • A society where people are proud of their work and feel it is worthwhile
  • A society where people can find work that fits their current conditions
  • A society where people can start fresh again and again in their careers
  • A society where people take ownership of their careers

Our Vision

Recruit Works Institute
Recruit Co., Ltd.
Founded January, 1999
Hidehiro Okumoto
Location Gran Tokyo South Tower 1-9-2 marunouchi chiyodaku, Tokyo 100-6640 Japan


・Research on the desirable labour market and its functions for the next generation.
・Research on organisational structures and HR that will serve as the foundations for companies’ future.
・Career research such as how individuals change through employment, career change,transfer and work experience.


・Conducting surveys/analyses on awareness and attitudes of ‘working individuals’as well as the advantages and issues concerning corporate HRM initiatives in orderto explore the perception of work issues in detail.


・Global Research Centre is involved in benchmarking current trends of labour policies and the HR business abroad by focusing on near-future social systems and the labour markets.


・Works : a bimonthly journal featuring emerging trends and hot topics of HRM and career development.
・Works Report
・Works Review
・Works Discussion Paper


E-mail: works@r.recruit.co.jp
TEL: +81-3-6835-9200
FAX: +81-3-3575-5229