Naoko Ishihara

Visiting Researcher

Naoko Ishihara

Joined Recruit Works Institute in 2001, Prior to that, She worked as a HR consultant at Mercer Japan (1999-2001) and a banker at Fuji Bank(1996-1999). Received B.A. in Law from Keio University. The topics being studied include human resource portfolio, diversity management and talent management. Former editor in chief of magazine "Works"(2015-2017.) Her main literary work is "Josei ga Katsuyaku Suru Kaisha(Companies Empowering Women)"(Co-authored, 2014.)


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  • <Articles>“Criteria of promotion and selection in Japanese enterprises and their rationality: from the point of reputation and contingency ”Works Review Vol.9:p20-29(2014)
  • <Case Introduction>“The Essence of Talent Management: Case Study for Japanese Corporations ”Works Review Vol.8:p100-113(2013)
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  • <Articles>“Competency and Growth of Corporate Entrepreneurs : From Qualitative Analysis on 15 Pioneers <1>” Works Review Vol.6:.p22-33(2011)
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  • <Articles>“The ‘Lessons of Experience’ of Top Executive Women:Study for Companies Developing Potential Female Leaders ” Works Review Vol.1:p.22-35(2006)

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