Akie Nakamura

Chief Researcher
Joined Recruit Co. Ltd. in 1999. After planning new services for career development and operating the core recruiting business, she joined Works Institute (current Recruit Works Institute). She recieived MS in Mathematical Sciences (The University of Tokyo) and PhD in Commerce and Management (Hitotsubashi University) She is also visiting professor of Chuo University.

Research area
Future of work, labor market, labor mobility and LMI (labor market intermediation like "PrEA" private employment agency and "PES"public employment service)


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Results of research

Volunteer Legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games (2018)
Proposal of a Human Resources Procurement Scheme for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (2016)
Work Model 2030 - Technology innovates "Work" in Japan (2016)
Career Change of Rural-urban Migrations (2016)
Strategic Recruitment (2015, 2016)
2025 - Time to Reinvent our Workstyle (2015)
Impact of Employment by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (2014)
A Mechanism of Hiring Process of the Executives for Overseas Subsidiaries (2013)
Changing Chinese Labor Market - Redesigning of Human Resource Acqusition (2013)
Labor Market and the Role of Human Resouce Service Industry in 2020 (2011)
Survey Report of Daily Dispatched Workers (2010, 2011)
Beyond the Dualism of Employment Status (Regular vs Non-regular) (2009)

Affiliated academic society

Academy of Management
Japan Society of Human Resource Management
Japanese Association of Administrative Science


・Government Committee
Fair Trade Commission ”Study Group on Human Resource and Competition Policy” (2018)
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Study Group on Working Styles Not Bound by Traditional Employment Relationships” (2017)
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare “Study Group of Equal Pay for Equal Work” (2017)