With a focus on “attitudes and behavior of working individuals” and “effectiveness and challenges of HR management practices”,Recruit Works Institute conduct surveys from a variety of perspectives to analyze the current state which is becoming more diverse and Recruit complex.

Recruitment Trend

As a leading company in recruitment business, Recruit Group has conducted surveys on graduate recruitment for more than 30 years, such as “Ideal Employer Rankings” and “College Graduates Job Opening Survey” in order to assess the current state of job market. Now, Recruit Works Institute takes over the Job Opening Survey to measure the ratio of entry-level job seeker to job openings every year. We also conduct “Survey on Employment of Experienced Workers” to measure previous year’s hiring levels. “Employment Prospects Survey” is also released to assess employers’ hiring plans for both college graduates and experienced workers.

HR Management

“Human Resource Management Research” is released every two years to assess HR management practices of about 300 major Japanese corporations and foresee the future.

Attitudes of Working Individuals

Recruit Works Institute releases “Working Person Survey” every two years to reveal the realities and attitudes of working individuals towards Recruit employment in a multidisciplinary and comprehensive way. The survey is conducted online among 10,000 Japanese employees ages 18 and over, including full-time permanent employees and workers in alternative work arrangements such as contingent and part-time workers.

Other surveys include:

  • Survey on the Relationship Between the Experience in Student Life and Career of Young Workers in Their 20’s
  • Work Values and Attitudes of Senior Workers
  • Reality of People and Organization in China: Talent Management of Japanese Companies in China

Labor Index

To clarify the current situations and changes in the labor market, we analyze the present state of the market based on macro data. We release “Factbook on Labor Market Statistics”every month, quarter and year, which is a compilation of labor market data including employment structure, unemployment trends, and balance of labor supply and demand.

Job Seeker Trends

The Boston Consulting Group and Recruit Works Institute conduct a joint survey to examine job seekers' behavior in G7, BRICS and Australia. We identify the most widely used channels, the most effective channels to find a job, job search period, income change and overall satisfaction.

  • Job Seeker Trends