Akihito Toda

  • Chief Researcher/Chief Analyst

    Joined Works Institute (current Recruit Works Institute)He received Ph.D in Economics from Keio University.

    Research area
    abor Economics; Applied Econometrics


  • <Articles>“Who find fulfillment in their work?: Toward the society in which elderly people can be activated in their work.” Works Review Vol.10:p88-99(2015)
  • <Articles>“What kinds of characters do foreignes have who are willing to work in Japanese companies?  :With a foucs on the comparison between South East Asia and India.” Works Review Vol.8:p74-85(2013)
  • <Articles>“On the issues of Japanese Labor Market as the Change of Industrial Structure:Forecast of 2020 Working Population in Each Industry”Works Review vol.7:p.86-99(2012)
  • <Articles>“Specialist :  Relationship Between Specific Job Skills and Earnings. ”Works Review Vol.6:p.96-107(2011)
  • <Short Reports>“On the Categorization of Measures Against Human Resource Shortage in the Firm”Works Review Vol.5:p.206-209(2010)
  • <Articles>“An Analysis on the Risk whether the Termination of Consecutive Employment is Judged Invalid: Does the Renewal Many Times Increase the Risk of Invalidity?”Works Review Vol.5:p.8-19(2010)
  • <Articles>“Japanese Labor Market with a Focus on the Forecasted Inflow of Job Changers” Works Review Vol.4:p.100-113(2009)

Conference presentation

  • “The Effects of Human Resource Management Practices on Working Hours and Work Intensity: Evidence from Japanese Employer-Manager-Employee Matched Data”(with Kengo yasui)(Japanese Economic Association, Fall Meeting),( 2010)
  • “Prohibiting Sex or Prohibiting True Love? An Empirical Assessment of Effect of Statutory Rape Law on Teenage Marriage in Japan”(with Hideo Akabayashi)、Econometris Society Far Eastern Meeting at University of Tokyo, (2009)

Current research project

  • 2012 Fresher’s labor market in India