Every year, Recruit Works Institute sets an institute-wide research theme that leads to the creation of the next era. Each researcher conducts research from various perspectives such as business management, career development, and human resources.

  • 2013Blooming talent
  • 2012Global recruiting
  • 2011Future Forecast 2020: Paradigm Shift in a Matured Stage
  • 2010Talent Development and Growth
  • 2009Face to Face with HR Risks
  • 2008The Issues of Global Talent
  • 2007Breakthrough for the Middle Management
  • 2006Assessment and Development of Hospitality Talent
  • 2005Study of Universal Organizations

Ongoing Research

To achieve the mission “to create a next generation society where everyone can work actively”, we focus on following areas and research on an ongoing basis.

Labor and Employment Policies
(International Trend, Government Policies, Proposals)

We aim to identify and resolve labor issues that are becoming increasingly complex and multidimensional from a multidisciplinary approach. We take a global perspective to address broad issues of employment and labor market such as flexible work arrangements in the near future (future of work), system building for balancing labor supply and demand, and external labor market, through various activities including market research and forecast, study, and policy recommendations.

In 2010, we published textbook-style report “Works University” that covers broad topics of labor policy in Japan including union, public employment security office, employment insurance, employment assistance for youth, and self-employment assistance.

Past research themes include:

  • Emergency Employment Measures in US, UK and France: How Each Country Addressed ‘Once in 100 years’ Crisis
  • Employment and Labor Polices in US, UK and France: Emergency Employment Measures in 2009
  • Labor Market Services in US, UK and France 2008: Current State of Labor Supply and Demand System

Labor Market

We conduct researches on the labor market and corporate hiring practices in Japan.

Past research themes include:

  • An Analysis on the Risk Whether the Termination of Consecutive Employment is Judged Invalid: Does the Renewal Many Times Increase the Risk of Invalidity?
  • The Risk of Hiring Cutbacks of Recent College Graduates: A Study of the Impact on Major Companies
  • The Difference Between “Supported Career Change” and “Self-Supported Career Change”: Efficacy of Consulting at the Public Employment Security Office

Career Education

Career education in Japan started in 1999 in order to provide smooth transitions between school and society, and between different levels of schooling. We work year-round with career education policymakers and organizations, building national support for career education in prefecture, cities and towns. We also work for collaborative project with elementary, middle and high schools. Research themes include curriculum management, career self-efficacy, and basic skills needed in workplace.

  • The Conditions for a Structural Career Education to be Performed : Analysis on Curriculum Management Structure at Lower Secondary School
  • The Impact of 3 years Career Education in a High School: A Longitudinal Research of Life Career Self-Efficacy

Recruiting and Staffing Business

Recruiting and staffing business is broad in scope, including permanent placement (contingency and retainer), temporary staffing, outplacement, recruitment advertising (newspapers, trade magazine, job boards), ATS, consulting and vocational education. However, the complete picture and the details of the business are still not fully revealed. As a result of recent deregulation of the industries and IT development, it is rapidly changing its form in Japan.

Mainly focusing on the US which is at the forefront of recruiting and staffing business, we identify current situations and changes of recruiting and staffing industries worldwide in order to explore a future direction and possibilities for the recruiting and staffing business in Japan.

In 2010, we published textbook-style report “Works University” that covers the basics and the emerging trends of the recruiting industries in Japan and the US such as the history, related laws, market size, and services.

Past research themes include:

  • Current State of External Labor Market in Singapore
  • Current State of External Labor Market in China
  • Labor Market Services in US, UK and France 2008: Current State of Labor Supply and Demand System