About Us

Mission & Vision

Create a next generation society where “everyone can work actively”

This is a mission shared by all Recruit Group organizations operating in the area of human resources. With an aim of creating a “mosaic society” which allows individuals to choose their own work style based on their own strengths and preferences rather than their age or gender, Recruit Works Institute has been committed to creating and supporting individuals’ valuable opportunities, such as finding a job, making a career change, and developing a career.
Recruit Works Institute endeavors to strengthen the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction of those individuals working in a corporate environment by providing support to design human resource systems, as well as developing and implementing corporate educational systems.
This mission stems from our desire to create a new society through our business operations.

Recruit Works Institute was established in 1999 as a research division of Recruit Co., Ltd. with the aim of realizing our mission. Our corporate vision is to establish effective corporate management that taps into the expertise of each individual, and to create a society where everyone can work actively by transforming our existing social systems.
A next generation society where everyone can work actively is where individuals can (1) choose their work style based on their preferences, (2) have open and fair opportunities to make such a selection, and (3) fully demonstrate their skills, expertise, and human capital.

Recruit Works Institute is committed to contributing to the realization of a future society which embodies the following:

  • An open and fair job market
  • A wide selection of work styles
  • Constant generation of employment opportunities
  • A full range of career support functions
  • An alignment of organizational needs with individual needs at a high level
  • Stimulation of a strong synergy between organizational and individual values

Our activities can be summarized as “presenting new concepts”.
Our societal value lies in presenting and promoting next generation work styles, organizational and human resource systems, and labor market functions with the aim of forming new social norms. Since our founding, we have presented a wide variety of concepts, some of which have become social norms, while others have been incorporated into social systems.